Developer Blog Most Recent cms - Ethode Blog en-US 2023-10-01T03:30:18 Dive into a Liquid SVG Logo Reveal Animation <h3>Introduction</h3> <p>Today we're going to make an animated loader/spinner image. Loaders and spinners tell the user to sit tight while the the browser or server does some work. We could just look ... 2018-08-29T05:00:00 SAML Module Enables 1-Login for multiple dotCMS sites <p dir="ltr">MIAMI, FLORIDA and MEDINA, OHIO - dotCMS and Ethode are pleased to announce the launch and availability of a new SAML Authentication Module for dotCMS, a powerful content management ... 2018-08-23T02:00:00 Ethode gives life to the I Promise School online, launches new website for the LeBron James Family Foundation <p dir="ltr">On July 30, 2018, we had the privilege of launching a website for the <a href="">I Promise School</a>, a brand new public school taking an innovative approach to ... 2018-08-08T10:00:00 Complex Development Challenges and Our Strange Obsession With Solving Them <p dir="ltr">Imagine if a friend of yours called to tell you they had the most wonderful experience with a flat tire. Or if a colleague shared with joy that their smartphone fell into the office ... 2018-07-25T11:45:00 The Upside of Markdown <p dir="ltr"><strong>Why Markdown is better than HTML or WYSIWYG</strong></p> <p dir="ltr">If you&rsquo;ve had any experience in web development or web content management, you&rsquo;ve likely come ... 2018-07-18T12:00:00 Local City and County Governments in a Digital World: 11 Recommendations for Municipal Website Projects <p>Websites for counties, cities, public schools, and townships often fall short of expectations. Their layout and navigation are clunky and outdated. Web pages don't receive timely updates. Community... 2018-06-27T09:30:00 Rapid Integration Development <p>It doesn't matter how long you're in technology, marketing, or both; management will always want projects faster and cheaper. &nbsp;We've seen huge advancements in the last decade in technologies ... 2017-11-12T12:00:00 Using Let's Encrypt with dotCMS <p></p> <p>At the outset, it seemed like I would need to jump through a lot of hoops to get <a href="" title="Lets Encrypt Free SSL" target="_blank">Let's Encrypt</a> to work ... 2017-02-14T12:00:00