Developer Blog Most Recent companyNews - Ethode Blog en-US 2023-10-01T03:00:58 Blockland Cleveland Solutions Conference Exceeds All Expectations <p>Four months ago <a href="" title="Bernie Moreno" target="_blank">Bernie Moreno</a>, an exuberant, outgoing luxury car titan laid out his vision to make Cleveland a tech... 2018-12-09T07:45:00 SAML Module Enables 1-Login for multiple dotCMS sites <p dir="ltr">MIAMI, FLORIDA and MEDINA, OHIO - dotCMS and Ethode are pleased to announce the launch and availability of a new SAML Authentication Module for dotCMS, a powerful content management ... 2018-08-23T02:00:00 Ethode gives life to the I Promise School online, launches new website for the LeBron James Family Foundation <p dir="ltr">On July 30, 2018, we had the privilege of launching a website for the <a href="">I Promise School</a>, a brand new public school taking an innovative approach to ... 2018-08-08T10:00:00 10 Slack Hacks our software development company uses every day <p><strong>Slack is our water cooler, whiteboard, system monitor, and boardroom</strong></p> <p></p> <p dir="ltr"><a href="">Slack</a> is our company&rsquo;s #1 tool for ... 2018-07-04T02:30:00 Have you encrypted your website with SSL? - Thanks to Google, Web Security is Here to Stay. <p dir="ltr">As the number of people worldwide that use the Internet grows (<a href="">4 billion and counting</a>!), keeping up with hacking, phishing, ... 2018-06-19T05:15:00 The Weekly Geek <p dir="ltr">One of our core values is Continual Improvement - Never Stop Learning.</p> <p>We share articles in our Slack channels that are particularly significant to the work we are doing, may help ... 2018-06-11T12:00:00 You're Invited - 2017 Datacenter Summit <p><img src="/dotAsset/d213c610-a843-46b6-9ca7-184426893ff0.jpg" width="800" height="1035" alt="Summit Invite" /><img src="/dotAsset/fd784991-4fbe-4795-8c6e-865f35b7577f.jpg" width="800" height="1035"... 2017-10-05T12:00:00 Ethode Wins a 2017 Weatherhead 100 Award <p>Ethode is proud to announce that we have been named a recipient this year at the Weatherhead 100 awards. &nbsp;The prestigious award is given out each year by&nbsp;Weatherhead School of Management,... 2017-09-30T12:00:00