Developer Blog Most Recent database - Ethode Blog en-US 2023-10-01T03:32:34 Complex Development Challenges and Our Strange Obsession With Solving Them <p dir="ltr">Imagine if a friend of yours called to tell you they had the most wonderful experience with a flat tire. Or if a colleague shared with joy that their smartphone fell into the office ... 2018-07-25T11:45:00 10 Slack Hacks our software development company uses every day <p><strong>Slack is our water cooler, whiteboard, system monitor, and boardroom</strong></p> <p></p> <p dir="ltr"><a href="">Slack</a> is our company&rsquo;s #1 tool for ... 2018-07-04T02:30:00 Rapid Integration Development <p>It doesn't matter how long you're in technology, marketing, or both; management will always want projects faster and cheaper. &nbsp;We've seen huge advancements in the last decade in technologies ... 2017-11-12T12:00:00 Let's Talk About Docker <p>Recently I was in several conversations with my coworkers about Docker. Some were filled with concerns, others had stars in their eyes, and others had ideas that were just completely wrong. I ... 2016-12-07T12:00:00 How to save info into Contentlet using custom plugin <p>I had some issues not that long ago figuring out how to build a dotCMS plugin that would save custom data in to a particular structure and wasn't finding much helpful stuff on the internet. I ... 2015-04-14T12:00:00 MS SQL Server JDBC 4.0 Driver <p>Need to connect to SQL Server using a Java 1.6 stack? Well your in luck, Microsoft has released it's latest revisions of drivers, and specifically a jar driver compatible with 4.0 driver sets and ... 2015-03-08T12:00:00 dotCMS diagnosis & cure for broken identifiers, orphaned inodes and versionless links <p>You ever see an error like this in your dotcms.log?</p> <pre>[14/11/14 08:52:54:570 MST] ERROR action.ViewLinksAction: Exception e =User com.liferay.portal.model.User@d523aa66 does not have ... 2015-03-08T12:00:00 dotCMS 2.5.4 how to associate pages to templates w/ the db <p>Back when I was with the good folks over there at the University of Akron, the WebTeam needed to divine all published pages using a certain template. &nbsp;At the time we were running a 1.9 dotCMS ... 2015-03-03T12:00:00 dotCMS - How to pull subscribers for a given mailing list <p>We migrated a customer from to 2.5.4. &nbsp;Because dotCMS&rsquo;s email campaign management functionality has been deprecated (and is no longer officially supported), and the customer was ... 2014-11-03T12:00:00