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Web design and development companies are everywhere. Web experts, on the other hand, are rare. We pride ourselves in our staff of industry-expert, top-of-their-field developers. We will work with you from start to finish to ensure your success satisfaction.

Mobile App Development

90% of mobile searches result in a purchase or visit. We can help make your site mobile-friendly or expand your business to phones, tablets and other mobile devices. Whether you need a responsive web design, or a full-blown mobile app, we can help you through the entire process.

Web Hosting

Is your site slow or down? We offer rock-solid, stress-free, scalable hosting solutions. Both Cloud Hosting and Shared Hosting options are available to suit your needs. As industry-leading experts in hosting solutions, we can make sure your site rocks.

Web & Brand Consulting

Getting a lot of hits but no sales/leads? Perhaps your content isn't working for you. We make web technology easy to understand and effective. Let us help your business grow, innovate and adapt to today's fast-paced market.

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Find out what our customers already know, Ethode is your secret weapon for web success

The University of Akron
Gettysburg College
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
MD Anderson Cancer Center
Colorado College
The Cheesecake Factory
Nature Stone Flooring Inc.
Skyy Vodka
Oberlin College

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  • Are You Prepared For Mobilegeddon??

    What is Mobilegeddon? "Starting April 21 [2015], we will be expanding our use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in our search results." -- Google The Internet of Things: Data Is ...

  • How to save info into Contentlet using custom plugin

    I had some issues not that long ago figuring out how to build a dotCMS plugin that would save custom data in to a particular structure and wasn't finding much helpful stuff on the internet. I thought I would share my knowledge so someone who might be in my shoes won't have similar issues.  I ...

  • 5 secrets web design companies don't want you to know

    With over 17 years programming and doing web design, let me tell you, I think I have seen just about every odd thing one could imagine.  Every now-and-then, we run across other companies and are shocked at how well they can fool their clients.  So, today after talking with the team, we ...

  • Assigning Multiple Gateways to Server with three NICs

    So the problem doesn't seem to be THAT common apparently... But, none the less we have several servers all with three NIC cards (intentionally) and we're running Ubuntu 14.04 on each server. Each NIC card is meant to connect to separate networks (management, tunnel and storage) and I want these ...

  • Building an RSS Feed in DotCMS

    If you have a blog on your DotCMS website, offering an RSS feed provides an excellent way to connect directly with savvy website visitors. You can deliver new content directly to their feed reader, and spread your message that much faster. In this post, we'll assume you already know what RSS is, and...


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