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Web design and development companies are everywhere. Web experts, on the other hand, are rare. We pride ourselves in our staff of industry-expert, top-of-their-field developers. We will work with you from start to finish to ensure your success satisfaction.

Mobile App Development

90% of mobile searches result in a purchase or visit. We can help make your site mobile-friendly or expand your business to phones, tablets and other mobile devices. Whether you need a responsive web design, or a full-blown mobile app, we can help you through the entire process.

Web Hosting

Is your site slow or down? We offer rock-solid, stress-free, scalable hosting solutions. Both Cloud Hosting and Shared Hosting options are available to suit your needs. As industry-leading experts in hosting solutions, we can make sure your site rocks.

Web & Brand Consulting

Getting a lot of hits but no sales/leads? Perhaps your content isn't working for you. We make web technology easy to understand and effective. Let us help your business grow, innovate and adapt to today's fast-paced market.

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Companies that trust us

Find out what our customers already know, Ethode is your secret weapon for web success

The University of Akron
Gettysburg College
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
MD Anderson Cancer Center
Colorado College
The Cheesecake Factory
Nature Stone Flooring Inc.
Skyy Vodka
Oberlin College

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    What is Legacy Code? Legacy code is software that generates value for a business but is difficult for developers to change. The terms "code rot" and "spaghetti code" refer to legacy code that is tangled up in poor quality. Over time, as "get it done now" is continually favored over "get it done ...

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    Google Analytics 101 The Basics So, you've got a website up. Congratulations. You've put in the hard work to create well-written content, or maybe you've just opened up your new online store. You've heard that Google Analytics is important, but perhaps you're intimidated by all of the jargon. If ...


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