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  • MS SQL Server JDBC 4.0 Driver

    Need a driver for connecting to SQL Server on top of a Java 1.6 stack? Here it is, the JDBC 4.0 SQL Server driver straight from Microsoft. MS SQL Server JDBC 4.0 Driver

  • dodtCMS tuning: compress content with the GZip Tomcat filter

    So dotCMS is going slowly, how do you speed it up?  A cheap and easy solution is to compress content before it gets sent to the browser, where the browser will then decompress that content on the fly. I just roughed this in on a 2.5.4 install, but for some time, Tomcat has shipped with a GZip ...

  • Why is my dotCMS slow? How to make dotCMS faster

    What usually happens? So we run into this problem a lot... Let me tell you how it goes... Customer: my dotcms installation is fine and then some days it just crashes Ethode: how much traffic is on the site? Customer: I don't know... Ethode: how much resources do you have dotCMS running on? Customer:...

  • dotCMS db work: How to pull subscribers for a given mailing list

    We migrated a customer from to 2.5.4.  Because dotCMS’s email campaign management functionality has been deprecated (and is no longer officially supported), and the customer was in need of list data to migrate over to MailChimp, they asked us to see if we could pull that info from...

  • dotCMS 2.5.4 how to associate pages to templates w/ the db

    Back when I was with the good folks over there at the University of Akron, the WebTeam needed to divine all published pages using a certain template.  At the time we were running a 1.9 dotCMS installation backed by a MySQL .  I dug through the database and found this solution. Today I...

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