10 Reasons to Choose dotCMS as Your CMS

As our business continues to grow we are constantly running in a wall with development of new sites.  Many sites re-use functionality that we've coded in the past and we find that we copy/paste, and re-invent the wheel quite often.  When Holmes-Media was finally changing over to ETHODE, one of our big decisions was to find a CMS platform that could handle multiple sites, and share functionality between sites but keep each site's permissions, content etc separate from other sites/users.

We did a great deal of testing, searching, installing, benchmarking systems and have finally decided to go ahead with dotCMS.  Thus, I now present our ten reasons for choosing dotCMS.

  1. dotCMS is built in Java and is extremely fast as a compiled language compared to scripting languages such as PHP
  2. It allowed us to host multiple sites on one system using CNAMEs to attach domains to hosts/alias's.
  3. It had an EXTENSIVE plugin framework which allows us to custom create functionality without having to change the core files.
  4. Front End and Back-end page editing is leaps and bounds ahead of other CMS's.  This was no comparison, dotCMS blew away the competition.
  5. It has community and enterprise licensing.  We know for some this won't matter, but without presenting a community edition the adoption of this system would be slim.  This is a fantastic way to get started, learn the system, understand it's architecture and host some site on it.  If you love the system, and want to invest in your companies future, the next step up is a $4750 license which is a far cry cheaper then $12,000 or $22,000 which you see with systems like Magnolia.
  6. Works with, MySQL, Postgres, Oracle, and even MS SQL.  This is outstanding, many CMS's still tie you into MySQL such as Joomla and won't give you the performance you're looking for.
  7. Has clustering and high availability architecture in place.  As we ramp up the number of sites we plan on hosting using dotCMS, being able to cluster the software or create a HA setup is crucial.
  8. Exposes an external API for outside integration.
  9. Comes with E-commerce in mind already.  The package already comes with a product manager, reporting and plugins for Authorize.net, PayPal etc.
  10. Outstanding development cycle, updates, team involvement.  The dotCMS team is fantastic.  Having gotten the chance to talk to several of them a number of times, they really love what they do and they love with product.  They are extremely excited about this product and dedicated to seeing it expand it's capabilities and squash bugs in a timely manner.  They are helpful, knowledgeable and pleasant. What more can you ask for?


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