Web Development and Hosting Consulting

Already have a rock-solid team but need some extra assistance? Trying to figure out the best implementation method but want to do the work in-house?

Technology Consulting

Are you still running your company on spreadsheets? Is your data spread across multiple systems? You're not alone. In today's economy, access to information is critical. If your team is struggling to keep pace with your competition, make informed decisions, reduce costs, and eliminate waste, Ethode can help.

Ethode Is Here To Help

Software should adapt to your business, not the other way around. Here are some of the services Ethode can offer to help your team.

Business Process Analysis

Collaborative communication, efficient exchange of data, and removing redundancies are the cornerstones to success in today's fast-paced economy. Ethode takes the time to understand your business. We review your mission, vision, and values and then our team of experts will analyze your systems to help you deliver on your goals. We can help you spot inefficiencies, centralize data, and remove waste using modern lean and agile processes.

Confused About The Cloud?

Seems like everyone is talking about The Cloud these days. What exactly is it? How can it help your business? The friendly team at Ethode makes technology easy to understand. Let us show you how you can leverage Cloud technology to make your business scale.


Is your site or application capable of handling high-traffic and availability demands? What would happen if your site were down for an hour? For a day? Don't let a shoddy scalability strategy cripple your business. Contact the pros at Ethode and we can discuss how we can give you a 99.999% uptime guarantee and help stabilize your system to scale in real time based on demand.

Data Storage

How often is your critical data being backed up and archived? Is it being backed up at all? Don't risk your business on a poorly-designed data strategy. Ethode can centralize your data, provide audit trails and rollback points, and automate your backups as frequently as you need. You simply focus on your business, and let the pros at Ethode handle the rest. It's that easy.

Content Management Strategy

The Ethode team uses the critically-acclaimed dotCMS content management platform to help clients transform their business into the 21st century. With dotCMS, you can use customized workflows to simplify the management of your data and provide a flexible strategy that can evolve with your business.

Technology Analysis

Do you have an internal IT team that is struggling to keep up with demands? Want an objective analysis? We can work with your team to help improve your team's workflow and modernize your codebase. We can perform code reviews to spot architectural flaws and suggest best practices to help your team become more agile, efficient, and able to quickly respond to change.

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