Mobile App Development (Android & iOS, Windows & Blackberry)

iOS, Android, Windows or BlackBerry, we have you covered at Ethode. Let our expert programmers design and create phone or mobile apps to fit your needs.

Your Customers Are Mobile, Are You?

Mobile is now the prominent device to access the web, accounting for over half of all web traffic in the US alone. 1 of every 4 users only access the web from their mobile device. 1 of every 3 visits to a web site comes from a mobile device. Mobile traffic is growing every day.

Generation NOW

Being mobile-ready means you will reach customers in more places than ever. By not optimizing for mobile, you are essentially telling one-third of web users that you are "closed for business, 24/7". It's a mistake you can't afford to make.

Within Reach

90% of mobile users keep their phone within arm's reach.

Mobile Coupons

Mobile coupons are 10 times as likely to be used than print coupons.

From Searching...

Nearly 3 out of 4 shoppers use their smart phones to assist with purchasing decisions.

...To Buying

90% of those mobile searches lead to an action. Over half lead to a purchase.

Ethode Puts The Friendly Back In Mobile-Friendly

Web sites designed even just a couple of years ago are likely not mobile-friendly. Ethode can help optimize your site for mobile users to drive traffic, increase sales leads and encourage purchases. We use a hybrid approach so that we can help you target multiple devices with one code base, reducing cost. Here are some of the ways Ethode can help you become mobile ready:

  • Perform a mobile-friendly analysis
  • Redesign for mobile with responsive design
  • Implement feature detection to decrease page load time
  • Use media queries to optimize layouts by device
  • Ground-up focus on user experience using mobile-first oriented design
  • Social media integration with Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter

Say Hello

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