Blockchain Development and Consulting

We can help you develop your blockchain app. From private Hyperledger apps, to public Ethereum dApps, to something completely custom, we can help.

Blockchain Development

Finding help with your blockchain project has never been easier. Regardless the platform, we can help. Blockchain projects are estimated to bring in nearly 1.3 trillion dollars into the market place in the next decade.

Private & Public Blockchains

For private blockchains, we specialize in Hyperledger and utilize Fabric to help achieve your permissioned goals. For clients that want to operate on the public side, we can help you understand and build on Ethereum, EOS, and several other blockchains. We can even build a public/private hybrid if needed.


80% of the private blockchain market is built on top of Hyperledger. Robust tools, documentation, and a well-tested code base has made Hyperledger the most widely-used and financially-supported option.


Leading the way in the Decentralized Application (dApps) sector, Ethereum has the largest quantity of public blockchain applications written on top of it and shows no signs of stopping.


EOS offers benefits for high-transactional blockchain needs that others cannot fullfil yet. With a robus SDK and growing dApp market, we like EOS for clients that cannot sacrfice transactional speeds.

Want to build your own?

We can help with that. Whether you're starting from a fork or from scratch, our experts can help you from start to finish.

Ethode doesn't just do work, we innovate and solve problems!

Say Hello

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