Web Hosting (Shared and Dedicated Cloud)

Need reliable cloud hosting dedicated to your business needs? Maybe you just need some shared hosting for your blog? We can handle it all with rock solid security, reliability, and around the clock support.

Ethode Makes Hosting Easy

Solid, secure, reliable hosting is absolutely critical for your success on the web. At Ethode, we understand that a solid customer relationship is just as vital. Ethode offers simple, reliable hosting plans to suit your needs.

Welcome To The Cloud

Whether you are the next Facebook, or just a mom-and-pop shop down the road doing your first web design project, the pros at Ethode can help make your journey into The Cloud an easy one.

Dedicated Cloud Hosting

Is your critical data securely stored? How often is your data backed up? Can you scale to handle high traffic demands? With billions of dollars being exchanged in the web economy, you simply can't afford the risk of your website going down. You can rest easy knowing that the Ethode team will provide you with rock-solid cloud hosting that is scalable, reliable and secure.

Shared Hosting

Not looking to be the next Facebook? That's OK, too. If you have a smaller traffic site, or a simple brochure site, a shared hosting plan from Ethode may be more suitable for you. With shared hosting, your cost is reduced by distributing that cost with other sites on the same server. Afraid you might outgrow a shared hosting plan? No problem. You can always easily upgrade to a dedicated cloud plan later if needed.

Content Management Hosting

Ethode is a registered gold partner with dotCMS. Ethode offers dotCMS hosting that is scalable, stable and secure. We can consult with you on your hosting strategy, take care of setup and implementation, handle remote dotCMS administration, and estimate costs for you.

Say Hello

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