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User Experience, Research, Wireframes, Prototypes, UI Design, Logos, Graphics

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Websites, Custom Apps, Custom B2B and B2C Software and Platform Implementations

Data Integration

Data Integration, Aggregation, Analytics & Big Data Management

Hosting and Operations

Cloud Hosting, Monitoring, Scalability & Security, Complianace Auditing

Marketing and SEO

SEO, Creative and Technical Writing, Re-Branding, Brand Tone & Style, Social Media

Research and Evaluation
Research & Evaluation

Third Party Software Evaluation & Systems Analysis, Viability Research, Proof-of-Concept Apps

Companies that trust us

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The University of Akron
Gettysburg College
East Jordan Iron Works
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
MD Anderson Cancer Center
LeBron James Family Foundation
Colorado College
The Cheesecake Factory
Nature Stone Flooring Inc.
Garland Co
Skyy Vodka
Oberlin College

latest blog posts

  • How We Can Provide Short Term and Long Term Fixes for Your Staff Shortages

    People are continuing to quit their jobs at record rates, with the Bureau of Labor Statistics reporting that there were 11,000,000 job openings in the month of October. Anecdotally, we've also seen an uptick in the latter half of this year with companies approaching us about filling positions in ...

  • How Much Will It Cost to Build My Website

    We get this question a lot. It's a good question. Completely sensible. If you were building a house, you would want to know the cost up front before you started. Like a house, the cost is entirely dependent on what's going into the build and how large that build is going to be. A garden shed is ...

  • Ethode Launches New LeBron James Site

    After months of planning, design and development, Ethode is pleased to announce the launch of the new LeBronJames.com site. Ethode implemented a design by Seattle-based designer Kevyn Smith. We knew from the start that LeBron James deserved a stunning website that would highlight the many ...

  • Blockland Cleveland Solutions Conference Exceeds All Expectations

    Four months ago Bernie Moreno, an exuberant, outgoing luxury car titan laid out his vision to make Cleveland a tech hub; using Blockchain as the catalyst.  Reactions abound from disbelief, to snickering, too flat out denial. Our initial hope was to gather 500 conference attendees (mix of ...

  • 10 Trello Tips & Tricks

    Every superhero has its faithful sidekick. Batman has Robin, Archie has Jugghead, Deadpool has Bob. And Ethode has Trello. Trello is our superhero sidekick tool for planning new projects, writing down feature requirements, and managing tasks. We use it to share files and collaborate on documents...


  • Taylor University

    Taylor University

     Our expectations continue to be exceeded, which is more than we can say for too many past agency relationships. Your team deserves significant kudos and our deepest appreciation. 

    Ben Wehling | Executive Director of Marketing

  • EJ Co.

    EJ Co.

     We have a real online store now, instead of a dumping ground for information; and we were able to shed an expensive unneeded license fee to big blue. 

    Robb Melenyk | Web Architect

  • Advance Local

    Advance Local

     Our SEO Team has officially launched our new performance dashboards. Our transparency around deliverables should now be evident to our clientele compared to what our competitors bring to the market. It’s been a long road, but good things come to those who meet challenges with hard work 

    Bill Cooke | AVP of Search

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