How We Can Provide Short Term and Long Term Fixes for Your Staff Shortages

People are continuing to quit their jobs at record rates, with the Bureau of Labor Statistics reporting that there were 11,000,000 job openings in the month of October.

Anecdotally, we've also seen an uptick in the latter half of this year with companies approaching us about filling positions in their own teams in the IT, web development and programming space. "Can Ethode recommend someone for our staffing position?"

Humbly, we would like to offer ourselves for these positions, even if in the short term.

Every year, Ethode provides staff augmentation services for companies in a wide range of scenarios:

  • Bob's Donut Emporium used to employ Doug who worked in programming for their company for thirty years. Doug is getting ready to retire in a few months, and they need some short term help to keep their internal software running until they can either replace the software or replace Doug with a full time employee.

  • Electric Slide Enterprises is developing a brand new SaaS service for a client of theirs. ESE has the some of the backend development team to help tap into the data in their Oracle database, but they need someone who specializes in Java and Vue.js to help build the frontend of the application.

  • Marketing agency Clickity Split is pursuing a rebrand project for a major state tourism bureau. They need someone with experienced technical chops to join their strategy meetings, assist with the discovery phase, and help with development of the new website if they land the deal.

  • IT company Electronic Mayhem specializes in Windows platforms. They have developed countless applications using all of the services that Azure provides, but they have little to no experience with the LAMP stack. One of their long-time clients wants to migrate their old PHP/MySQL application off of a decrepit on-prem server over to something faster, and wants to eventually replace this old PHP application with an Angular dashboard. They are looking for a company who can help with the migration in the short term, and help plan and implement a new solution.

  • Solopreneur Stacy Summerville has been helping small businesses for the better part of five years with their digital marketing needs. One of her clients would like to overhaul the website with a custom design. Stacy already has a graphic designer, but does not have a web team, and doesn't want to hire a full time staff person to fill this need.

We support needs like these every day with our US-based team of developers, QA testers and project managers. What about your company? How can we help you in 2022?

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