How to Quickly Build An App Using Vue.js & Laravel

Vue.js is an amazing reactive javascript framework that competes with:

  • Angular

  • React

  • Riot

  • Ember

  • Polymer

It does all that fancy binding, isolates scope sensibly and has a relatively shallow learning curve compared to the likes of Angular or Polymer.

In this video, I'll show you how to quickly create a full-stack web application using Laravel on the backend and Vue.js on the front-end.

We'll go over:

  • A bare bones Vue.js example

  • How to use 2-way binding in Vue.js

  • How to create a Vue.js list view and update it in real time

  • How to use Vue.js filters to capitalize, lowercase and uppercase strings

  • How to use the Vue.js currency filter

  • How to create Vue.js components using either Javascript or HTML templates

  • How to use the Vue.js JSON filter

  • How to sort and filter data in a Vue.js component

  • How to create dynamic computed properties in Vue.js

  • How to easily modularize Vue.js components by packaging them into .vue files using vueify

  • How to dynamically update a Vue.js component with AJAX requests

  • How to create a markdown component in Vue.js using the marked npm library

  • How to easily paginate data using Laravel pagination and a simple Vue.js pagination component

  • How to conditionally show/hide components in Vue.js

  • How to easily reuse your Vue components and make them interact with one another using browserify

  • How to use Gulp to automate the build and minification process so that all you have to worry about is building awesome components

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