Intro to Google Polymer Web Components

In our continuing series on Web Components, this week we will explore Google's Polymer library.  In case you missed them, check out our other excellent posts on Vue and React.

In this simple 10-minute video below, you will learn:

  • What is Google Polymer?
  • What browsers support Polymer
  • How to build a basic, bare-bones web component using Polymer
  • How to handle data binding with Polymer
  • How to create computed properties using Polymer
  • What insertion points are and how you can use them in your Polymer components
  • How to use Polymer behaviors
  • How to style Polymer components
  • How to use global themes when styling Polymer components
  • How to tie everything together with Iron Ajax to easily build a dynamic user browser
  • Discover a large library of out-of-the-box Polymer components that you can use to quickly build your web application today!
  • Where to go to get more in-depth knowledge about Polymer

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